Volume Maximizer Volumizing Spray

Pump up the volume and transform fine, flat hair into sexy, voluminous hair with Volume Maximizer™ Volumizing Spray. Creates volume without stickiness. Keeps hair light and moveable. Adds height and thickness by increasing the diameter of each strand. Ideal for use with other styling products to create your favorite day or evening look.
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Brocato Volume Maximizer™ Volumizing Spray by Beautopia Hair is a light-weight thickening spray that adds extra volume and dimension to each strand. Especially helpful for fine hair, it bumps up the volume by increasing the diameter of each hair shaft. Excellent as a foundation for firmer hold products.


  • benefits

  • Volumizes hair
  • Increase hair shaft diameter
  • Serves as a base for other products
VITAMIN B (Panthenol) Offers moisture and conditioning properties while penetrating the hair shaft to thicken. ALOE GEL Contains essential amino acids which, provide conditioning properties. VITAMIN E Assists in protecting against environmental stress and chemical processes.

Directions: Spray onto the first 1 or 2 inches on the hair shaft. Using your hot tools, create a long-lasting, beautifully conditioned style!

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