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Finishing Hairspray


Moveable Hold Finishing Hairspray is a flexible hold aerosol hairspray that has been crafted to keep hair soft and brushable even after multiple applications. Perfect for everyday use, this versatile styling spray can be reapplied throughout the day to help styles last while helping your hair maintain a gorgeous, high-gloss finish.

Some of the innovative features and ingredients that make this Finishing Spray so unique include:

•Long-Lasting Humidity Resistance

•Ultimate Shine and Control

•Unique Micro-Spray Technology

•Fast Drying and Flake-Free Formula

Whereas traditional hairsprays would leave hair sticky and lack luster, the Brocato Moveable Hold Finishing Spray uses gentle, but effective, ingredients to leave your hair visibly glossy and touchably soft without weighing down your hair with undue weight or product. The innovative ingredients used to create this Hairspray allow for the Moveable Hold Finishing Spray formula to go on gently and then rinse away cleanly; unwanted residue will become a concern of the past when you start using our Moveable Hold Finishing Spray.

Stylists and beauty gurus alike agree that the Beautopia Moveable Hold Finishing Spray stands apart from the crowd. Whether you’re heading off to a chic evening out or a relaxed poolside party near the beach, this Finishing Spray will take your looks from listless to luscious. With proprietary ingredients, our specially designed formula will keep your styles in place while giving your hair a touchable finish that retains natural movement. Apply the Moveable Hold Finishing Hairspray to wet or dry hair, the choice is up to you. Apply multiple times or only once to lock in your look. Enjoy the lifestyle you want and have the hair you love with just a quick burst of Moveable Hold Finishing Spray.


The Beautopia Moveable Hold Finishing Hairspray is a multidimensional styling tool that can help you create any of your favorite looks. From moms on the go to beauty gurus, anyone can use this Finishing Spray to build a style. Even after multiple applications hair will remain touchably soft and brushable. Additionally, with our blended protein attraction system, the Moveable Hold Finishing Hairspray will help to protect your hair from outside elements while revitalizing your hair from within.

The secrete behind the Moveable Hold Finishing Hairspray is our patented three part formula. This powerful formula includes our proprietary blended protein protection attraction system, phenyl trimethicone, and micro-spray technology. Our blended protein protection attraction system works to strengthen and protect hair from the outside elements, including UV rays, humidity, and dryness. Phenyl Trimethicone is a natural hair conditioning that has been added to impart shine, and lastly, our unique micro-spray dispension technology creates a light mists that holds firmly all day. Everything your hair needs to look its best is at your fingertips with the Brocato Moveable Hold Finishing Hairspray.

Additional Benefits:

•Fresh smelling scent

•Water soluble formula

•Sulfate free

•Safe on colored and chemically treated hair


After washing your hair comb hair to remove any tangles. To cut down on frizz, pat dry your hair with a cotton towel. Moveable Hold Finishing Hairspray can be applied to either wet or dry hair depending on user preference and desired style. Add to wet hair and then style for a frizz free look, or add Moveable Hold Finishing Hairspray to dry styled hair to lock in styles that will last the whole day. When applying Moveable Hold Finishing Hairspray keep the nozzle 12” away from your head. Allow hair to dry before reapplying any additional layers. Additional layers can be added whenever necessary or desired.



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