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how to get this look

Celeb Stylist Brian Haire shows you 9 easy steps to getting flawless curls à la Kate Upton.

products needed:

Moveable Hold Finishing Spray

tools needed:

Vibrastrait Flat Iron and hair clips


Section Hair

Start with clean, blown out hair with smooth ends. Starting at the nape, taking horizontal partings, gather hair into sections.


Spray Hair

Use a light working spray such as Moveable Hold Finishing Spray to tame any flyaways.


Coil Hair

Then coil the hair around a few of your fingers (more fingers make for a bigger curl). 


Apply Flat Iron

Take that section and clamp down the Vibrastrait Flat Iron onto the coiled hair, moving around the coil so you heat up all that hair. 



Then use a lightly gripping clip to hold the section until it cools. 


Continue All the Way Around

Working with the natural part, continue this through the entire head.


Be aware of what direction you're moving the hair when you get around the face. 


Remove Pins

Once all the sections have cooled, take out all the pins.


Shake Out Hair

Either toss with your hands, or comb through with a wide-toothed comb to break up the curls and allow the waves to settle in. Grab that bottle of Moveable Hold Finishing Spray for a few spritzes. Enjoy your curls!