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Are you a blogger or stylist with a passion for sharing products you love? Beautopia LLC & its subsidiary brands--Vibrastrait, Brocato, and Supersilk--invite you to join our Affiliate Program. From hot tools & salon professional styling products to daily hair care regimens, all of our products help restore & revitalize hair to beautiful condition.

inspired blogger

Christine Cameron / @MyStylePill

Meet Christine! She is a personal stylist, writer, and editor of the website she launched in the fall of 2008, My Style Pill. She collaborates with brands as an ambassador, merchandising looks, creating dynamic content for online channels and in-store experiences, hosting events, and trend forecasting. Christine is based in New York but is available for bookings throughout the country and internationally.

Who is the program for?

As a hair advisor, blogger or stylist, we know you are there to provide your audience with the best advice and products for their needs, and that they count on your expertise. Our network of hair and beauty consultants are passionate about helping our customers achieve gorgeous, healthy hair. Join us!


From fashion and beauty to lifestyle and travel, all our blogger affiliates enjoy amazing perks! Be the first to know about great promotional opportunities! Gain access to VIP photo shoots & events. Plus, network with other amazing bloggers from around the country!

Independent sytlists

If you are a stylist who is passionate about offering your clients excellent hair care products, this is the opportunity for you! Instead of carrying large retail inventory, & investing huge upfront costs, we will drop-ship & fulfill orders for you!! Simply offer your client your unique promo code, and we'll take care of the rest!



Cash Ooo la la. Earn a 10% commission on all sales plus receive additional bonuses. This includes any products that you’ve recommended to your customers, clients or followers. If they heard it first through you, then you get the commission.


Get a 30-day cookie. Not the chocolate chip variety, but just as sweet! ;) This means that you earn commission on ALL sales from your customer within a 30-day period.


Everything Good. Our Affiliates deserve the best. Gain VIP access to our special offers and events. Enjoy all the lovely perks coming your way & have fun with them!


Oh So Pretty Promotional Banners. Receive Beautopia marketing material. For your product promotions on your website or social media, get promotional text, links and banners from us to help showcase the goods.


Sweet Deals for Your Peeps. Give your customers a 10% discount on all products! Your clients will thank you for that.


Get the Scoop. Be the first to know about our new arrivals, promotions and opportunities. We send you our newsletters that let you stay current with Beautopia.


Zero Shipping Cost. Receive FREE shipping on all orders over $100*! Need we say more?


PayPal = Easy. Make sales and receive your commission smoothly. You’ll be able to use PayPal for bank account withdrawals on every transaction. Piece of cake.


Let’s Chat. Just call and we’ll be there. Our quick support for Affiliates will never leave you wanting. Contact us via phone or email for any questions or concerns.

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